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Director:  Bill Littlefield

478 Vaughn Road

Phone 564-3905

Wastewater Office Coordinator, Cheryl Pinkham

For questions about your account, please call or email Cheryl Pinkham

Phone (207) 564-3318 Ext. 1020



Schedule of Sewer Service Rates 

Effective June 30, 2019

Sewer Service Rates (per yearly quarter) 

TOWN OF DOVER-FOXCROFT Schedule of Sewer Service Rates Effective June 30, 2019


Sewer Service Rates (per yearly quarter)

Base Sewer Services Charge* (for up to 1,200 cf/quarter)  - $89.65

Excess Rate (per 100 cf of usage per quarter above 1,200 cf.)  - $9.37 per 100 cf.

Flat Rate for unmetered service** $89.65 Readiness to Serve Charge***  - 50% of base charge

Storm/Groundwater Surcharge  - 30% of base charge


* Rate assessed to customers with public sewer services with an active and accurate meter.

** Other customers with no public water or water meter pay a flat fee

***Charge applies to any lot approved for development after June 30th 2010 or any lot approved for development prior to June 30th upon which a building permit has been issued requiring wastewater disposal facilities.


New Connection Charges

Base Permit Application Fee (includes first inspection)  - $100.00 per service*

Inspections Charge (second and subsequent inspections) $40.00 per hour Sewer System Development Charge  - $5.55 per gallon**

Construction of Services - Time & Materials***

*Fee applies to new connections only, not upgrades to existing services.

**Sewer System Development Charge is for new significant industrial users or other new users whose estimated flow exceeds 5% of the average annual flow in the POTW. The Charge shall be paid after approval of the permit but prior to authorization to construct. It shall be based on estimated usage.

*** Any work performed by the Town after June 30, 2010 for the connection of a building sewer to the POTW shall be paid by the Owner at the Town’s cost. An estimate of the cost for the work will be developed by the Board of Selectman and provided to the Owner prior to commencement of the work.


Misc. Charges

Holding tank rate $1.00 per gallon

Adopted June 17, 2019 by vote of the Town of Dover-Foxcroft Board of Selectmen