Dover-Foxcroft, Maine


Code Enforcement Admin and Boards

Town of Dover-Foxcroft, Code Enforcement Office -
Location:  Town of Dover-Foxcroft Municipal Building
Mailing Address: Town of Dover-Foxcroft
48 Morton Ave., Suite A
Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426
Code Enforcement Officer, Brian Gaudet
Phone (207) 564.3318 Ext. 1025



The Town of Dover-Foxcroft has been mandated by the State of Maine to enforce the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code (MUBEC).  Due to that mandate, prior to issuance of most land use permits, the land use application must be accompanied by a letter of authorization to proceed by a state licensed third party inspector. 


It’s the responsibility of the property owner to arrange for hiring a third party inspector and having them sign off on any work.  



Volunteers are needed for Planning Board and Board of Appeals. 

If you would like to serve on either Board, call Brian Gaudet at 564-3318, Ext. 1025.


Planning Board Members

Chris Maas, Term Exp. 06/30/22

Peter Robinson, Term Exp. 06/30/24

Herbert Aumann, Term Exp. 06/30/23

Denise Jackson, Term Exp. 06/30/24

Ryan Edgerly, Term Exp. 06/30/22

Lucas Butler, Term Exp. 06/30/22

Louise Ringle, Term Exp. 06/30/23


Board of Appeals

Paul Matulis, Term Exp. 06/30/23

Johanna Danforth Greenfield, Term Exp. 06/30/23

Daniel Moore, Term Exp. 06/30/24

Eric Laser, Term Exp. 06/30/22 

Peter Dennis, Term Exp. 6/30/22