Dover-Foxcroft, Maine

Absentee Voting


Absentee ballots are usually available 30 days before an election. 
You may vote an absentee ballot in person at the town office without having to complete an application.

You may request your own absentee ballot and you may request one for an immediate family member.  When taking an absentee ballot out of the town office, an application is required.

You may request your own ballot over the phone.  Because we need to verify some information, we need to speak to you directly and cannot send you an absentee ballot if your request is left on a voice mail system.  We cannot accept requests for immediate family members or third party over the telephone.

For third party requests for an absentee ballot, an application with the voter's signature naming the third party designee is required in advance of receiving the ballot.

You may also request an absentee ballot in writing by mail for yourself or immediate family member.  We will post an absentee application once they become available that you may print and complete for your convenience.

You may request an absentee ballot electronically by using the State electronic request link, by clicking here: Maine Absentee Ballot Request

If you make a mistake, you may ask for another ballot.  It is helpful if you bring your spoiled ballot back to the town office.  If you spoil your ballot, I recommend that you fill in all the ovals on your spoiled ballot before returning it in order to maintain the privacy of your vote. 

You may have someone help you complete your ballot.  If this is the case, you and/or your aide will need to complete the Aide Certificate section of your return absentee envelope.  Your aide will sign the certificate and you will need a witness to sign as well.  So remember if you have someone help you you may want to ask a witness to be present ahead of time to sign.  If you need help with your ballot and you don't have someone you are comfortable asking for help, please call the town office and we will find a way to help you.   Your vote is important.  

Absentee ballots can be returned to the town office in person, by mail, or by placing it in the secure election ballot drop box on the outside of the municipal building.

Absentee ballots must be received by 8:00 PM on Election Day to be counted. 

Please call for more information or if you have a question.

Lisa Ronco, CCM

Phone (207) 564.3318, Ext. 1010


Town of Dover-Foxcroft

48 Morton Ave., Suite A

Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426

Election Polls are located at the municipal building in the gymnasium from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.