Dover-Foxcroft, Maine


Comprehensive Plan - Focusing on the Future!

The Comprehensive Plan is available for your review.

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Highlights of the Comprehensive Plan The Dover-Foxcroft Comprehensive Plan is…

A vision with a plan for the next 10 to 20 years

A practical guide for policy-making and managing future growth and change

A set of recommendations covering all aspects of the town – economy, housing, public facilities and services, transportation systems, cultural and natural resources, land use, and agriculture and forestry

A way to manage town costs and minimize increases in property taxes

A way to access outside sources of funding, such as grants

A legal foundation for local regulations; but is not an ordinance or regulations

A way to address major issues and concerns for the future of the community

The Comprehensive Plan’s Vision for the Next Ten Years and Beyond • A friendly, welcoming community of civically engaged citizens. • A clean, safe and great place to live, raise a family, work, retire, socialize, play, and operate a business. • An attractive, authentic, rural town with a rich cultural heritage and exceptional natural resources. • The Shiretown of Piscataquis County and a community with everything you need. • Long-term prosperity through moderate population growth and accompanying economic development consistent with the character of the town. • Patterns of development designed for an exceptional quality of life. • High-quality, affordable public services and facilities meeting community needs.

Goals of the Comprehensive Plan

To attain long-term economic stability and prosperity for citizens and businesses.

To encourage and promote affordable and adequate housing opportunities for all citizens.

To preserve the Town’s cultural heritage, and significant historic and archaeological resources.

To conserve and protect water resources and other important natural recourses to ensure a healthful, thriving, sustainable, and productive natural environment for future generations.

To attain long-term viability of agriculture and forestry and related activities.

To plan for, finance, and provide high-quality, affordable public services and facilities to support the community’s overall well-being and economic prosperity, both now and in the future.

To maintain an economically resilient community in the face of an often uncertain future through careful planning and management of community services.

To maintain an adequate and efficient transportation system to accommodate existing needs, and anticipated growth and economic development. 

To enhance the quality of life for people of all ages by supporting a variety of recreational activities to encourage wellness, cultural opportunities, natural resource appreciation and fellowship with neighbors.

To enhance Dover-Foxcroft as the county seat and primary regional service center through a full-complement of government and private sector services and facilities, and opportunities for economic prosperity that are compatible with the community’s small-town rural character.

Volume I of the Comprehensive Plan contains the specific goals, policies and recommended implementation strategies of the Plan. Volume II contains the background information for the development of Volume I. There are also a number of maps that accompany the Plan document.