Dover-Foxcroft, Maine


Online Services

Online Payments of Real Estate, Personal Property, and Sewer Accounts    

For your current real estate account balance, click here:  REAL ESTATE ACCOUNT BALANCE 

NOTE: For Tax and Sewer Payments – When selecting your municipality be sure to choose Town of Dover-Foxcroft

 Helpful Hints: When making tax payments, where it asks for Name or Business, only enter the 1st name as it appears on your bill; example – Smith, John would enter Smith; The Rusty Nail would enter The. You do not need to enter a Map & Lot #. To enter your Account # only enter the numeric digits; example – Your tax bill shows your account as 001564RE you would enter either 001564 or just 1564. For sewer payment enter name in the same method as you would for taxes and then the WW account # to locate your account.

 ****If there is a lien on your property you will not be able to access your account to make payments online.****


Motor Vehicle Registration

Boat, Personal Watercraft, ATV , Snowmobile Registrations 

Renewal of Hunting and Fishing Licenses 

Instructions and Forms for Vital Records  For questions about vital records or marriage licenses, please call Sonya Squires at (207) 564.3318, Ext. 1023 or email: